• Contributing to the development of scientific knowledge in Audiology and Otology.
  • Promotion and sponsorships of an intensive annual program of conferences, seminars and educational courses on audiological and ENT topics.


Fundamental research projects

Over the last fifteen years, in collaboration with major European universities, the CRS has coordinated research projects funded by the European Commission such as AHEAD (Advancement of Hearing Assessment Methods and Devices) I and II, HEAR (Hereditary Deafness Epidemiology And Clinical Research) and GENDEAF (Genetic Deafness).


Training courses and scientific conventions

From 1971 to the present day over 600 courses and conferences have been held. 215 of these have been held the last 12 years alone.  These meetings average between 100 to 150 participants each meeting.



The CRS established a number of awards in the field of scientific research. The most prestigious of these is the International CRS Prize, which goes to illustrious scholars for substantial contributions to human knowledge in the fields of audiology and of otology. Every year the CRS also awards three prizes for the best Italian theses specialising in ENT or Audiology and Phoniatrics, and three prizes for the best Italian theses in Speech therapy.


Library and publications

Inside the CRS there is one of the finest private libraries in the field of audiology and otorhinolaryngology, offering the sector's most important international journals.