Amplifon CRS International

Our Mission

The Mission of the Amplifon Centre for Research and Studies is to contribute to the development of scientific knowledge in the fields of Audiology and Otology and to share it with professionals in Ear and Hearing Care around the world.

The Amplifon International Centre for Research and Studies

The CRS Scientific journal

Every quarter, a team of Amplifon Audiologists from around the globe select the most relevant publications in the field of Otology and Audiology from the CRS Library and create a comprehensive review. The Amplifon Centre for Research and Studies coordinates the development of the CRS Scientific Journal, which is distributed by our local Amplifon organisations.

Library & Publications

The CRS hosts one of the finest private libraries in the field of Audiology and Otorhinolaryngology, providing access to a collection of the sector's most important international journals.

The CRS Consensus and White Papers

The Amplifon Centre for Research and Studies has created many CRS Consensus Papers in cooperation with the scientific community in the field in Ear and Hearing Care, also authoring the CRS White Papers that give an overview of quality publications on specific topics in Ear and Hearing Care.


Located within Amplifon headquarters, via Ripamonti 133, Milan, Italy, the auditorium has a large reception hall and can seat 180 people. It is equipped with the most updated and sophisticated audio-visual facilities, including simultaneous translation and CC TV system.